Project Management in Your Digital Agency

Regardless of team size, having a way do Project Management in your Digital Agency is important. These days there are a wide array of online tools to help.

A project management tool in your digital agency is a useful tool that perhaps you?ve tried to embrace in the past or run your agency with everyday. Either way, you?ll get something from this post, I?m sure.

Project Management tools are a blank canvas at first, which can be overwhelming if this is your first attempt to Project Manage. However, once you take the time to get to know how to use them in a way that helps manage your agency, you?ll wonder how you lived without it.

Here?s why

Which Project Management Tool

My personal choice is Asana. I?ve had experience with Trello in the past and as a team of one it can work well. It is limited on it?s free version but there is a paid version that makes more features available. Also, as your team grows, it isn?t as straightforward to follow tasks in Trello across teams and projects. 

For a Digital Agency, those features that will be used everyday include:

  • My Tasks – a list of tasks assigned to you and can be prioritised easily
  • Recurring tasks – setup and leave those tasks that you repeat to pop-up automatically on your My Tasks list as and when you need to work on them next
  • Subtasks – a checklist to ensure your tasks are rep
  • Comments – notes and updates within the task can be saved for future reference
  • Attachments – add documents and files to the task to keep everything in one place
  • Links – Share links to live documents, sources of reference or tools
  • Inbox – notifications as and when tasks are completed or updated

Projects to Get Your Agency Organised

As mentioned before, a Task Management tool at initial account setup is a blank canvas. To help get you started, here?s a list of projects that I use with my clients to organise their day.

Sales Follow-up

For your agency to thrive, you need to generate leads, create sales opportunities and follow-up on them. With a project, you can track each lead and prospect in one place. Set a date to follow-up, outline your process and note your communication each time you have contact with them. Know when and what you?re doing immediately then keep on top of your pipeline easily.

Client Onboarding

When you have a new signup, what happens next? You have a task setup with the client details already, now you can progress them to your onboarding project. To ensure you have everything you need from your new client to get started, save yourself time and effort by having a template ready to use. Copy it over to the clients task card and get to work sooner.

Campaign Delivery

Once established, you will likely have a repeatable process that you follow with each and every client or campaign that you work on. Improve your delivery and results for your clients by tracking the tasks you work on in a project. If you have a team and each member works on different parts of the campaign, for example, a copywriter, graphic designer or videographer, you can add them to your Project Management tool and assign their tasks to them there, request updates or even review their progress as they work on it.

What are Your Thoughts?

After an insight into what I?m using a Project Management tool for with Digital Agency owners, what do you think to using one in your agency? If you would like to try it out but don?t know where to start, leave a comment and I?ll get back to you with suggestions on what you can do to get started.

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