How to Use LinkedIn as a Sales Prospecting Tool

Let?s start with what LinkedIn is and get an idea of why it?s useful for Digital Marketers as a sales prospecting tool in their business.

First and foremost, it?s a social network for business owners and is used to increase their business connections.

As a business owner, LinkedIn is the first place to go to when you want to quickly and easily connect with your target market. Then once connected, you have a network that you can start a conversation with, build your sales prospecting list and generate sales.

Optimise Your Profile

To get the absolute most out of LinkedIn as a sales prospecting tool, your profile firstly needs to be optimised for prospecting. Before we talk about optimising, let?s first get to know what your profile doesn?t do.

It shouldn?t be:

  • About you, I or we
  • A CV
  • A sales page

Instead, it should:

  • Talk to your ideal client
  • Let them know who you work with, what results you get for them and how you achieve those results
  • Direct them to take the next step

Making these few changes to your profile will optimise it for sales prospecting on LinkedIn. When your connections read it then they?ll know it?s meant for them, what you can do to help them overcome any obstacles or barriers they are experiencing and see that you?ve gotten those results for others, giving them confidence that you can do it for them too.

Draft your messages

Here?s the bit that takes your new connection from a contact to a lead! It?s a message funnel.

The aim here is to give value to your ideal client without them exchanging an email address with you. You don?t want to appear salesy or jump into a deep relationship with them too soon. Give them an invitation to get to know you better, give away value and warm up that relationship slowly.

Here?s where a little trial and error will be needed. Testing out what will get those hands up to take you up on your offer. Remembering though, that the content you share must be quick to consume and solve an issue for them easily.

Content can come in many shapes and forms. Video, audio, text or images. Digging deeper, that could be an overview of a product, service or strategy that you offer, a quiz, workbook, survey or form, an infographic, templates, guides or blueprints…the list is endless.

Have a think, what could you offer?

In Summary…

If you?re a Digital Marketer with business clients, you may be wondering how to use LinkedIn as a sales prospecting tool for your own business. In short, your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimised as a sales prospecting tool (not as a CV!). Talk to your ideal client, let them know how you have solved challenges that they too are experiencing. Avoid being salesy and give plenty of value. Then start having conversations with your newly made connections, moving them from lead to prospect with a messaging funnel.

Give it a try! Remember, share how you get on in the comments and if you have questions, let me know here and I’ll respond with an answer.

Speak soon,

P.S. Not sure where to get started?

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