How to Choose Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

You feel the increased workload of your business bearing down on you. It?s tiring, your days are long and you know more clients means more work for you to do.

Talking to others, you hear how they delegate their workload to a virtual assistant. They tell you how it reduces their workload and their workday.

You know it?s a good idea, but ask ?what do I outsource??

When you know how to choose the tasks to delegate, you can finally get started on outsourcing to your virtual assistant.

Start by asking yourself these questions whilst working on a task:

  • Is this something I enjoy doing?
  • Does this task generate an income for me?
  • Is this task time-consuming?
  • Is it a task that has to be done by me

As you start asking yourself these questions, you may start to get an idea of what you?d like to outsource.

Now it?s about building a relationship and establishing trust with your virtual assistant.

These four steps will show you how to figure out where to start, what to delegate to them and when.

The simple things

First, start small.

These are the tasks that take little of your time, you would rather not do and could easily be done by someone else.

It?s always good to build social media connections, adding client details to your CRM system or to follow-up initial enquiries. But do you really have to do them yourself?

By delegating these simple tasks to your virtual assistant you start building a relationship with them, get an understanding of how you work together and begin to feel the benefit of delegating.

Those time-consuming tasks

Are you working on tasks that you?re not trained or experienced in?

We like to think we can do everything ourselves. But, sometimes, we just don?t know it all. And training would take more of your time.

This can mean those tasks we are less skilled at take longer. Longer than you know they should.

These are tasks that maybe you enjoy doing, but they?re time consuming and take you away from income generating tasks. They could also be given to someone else to do.

Get your house in order

You?ve gotten yourself started in business, it?s well underway and everything?s ticking along nicely. But in the rush and desire to get going, your processes and systems have been thrown together and ?will do for now?.

However, there?s room for improvement. Putting in place the changes you mean to get to will help you work more effectively.

When will you make time for process and document revision? Email management or template creation?

You?ll find these are tasks you procrastinate over, don?t really want to work on over income generating tasks and will probably stay at the bottom of your priorities for a long time.

Those little frustrations, they can be stressful, right? They can be removed. Making your business run smoothly, your day easier and you can go home happier.

Work on your bucket list

You have a head full of ideas, maybe they?ve made it onto paper. Then?


When will you ever get to them??

These are tasks that you would like to do. They will take time, maybe for a short period, but could generate an income for you, bring in new clients and grow your business. Still, it doesn?t necessarily have to be done by you.

Maybe you?re thinking of planning an event, working on a project or writing a book.

These are time-consuming but business building tasks that will increase your income. When outsourced, your virtual assistant will take your ideas and bring them to life. All you need to do is watch your business grow.

What tasks can you think off that you can delegate to a virtual assistant?

I would love to hear about your projects, ideas and the tasks you delegate.

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