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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

by Elaine Minett-Smith in Business News

If there’s a day to celebrate in business, International Women’s Day is high on the list.

To show the importance of women working together, supporting one another and recognising their business achievements,  I want to share with you those women that have inspired, supported and encouraged me in the first 12 months of business.

With different roles to play, they have all given something to my business that I am grateful for. Maybe their services could help you, too.

Joanne Munro, The VA Handbook

Redundancy seems to be everywhere these days. Especially in supporting roles.

Twice in 8 years, I faced redundancy. I needed more control in my career and I wanted to decide what would happen to it, rather than leave the decision in the hands of others.

To take back that control,  I researched other opportunities and read articles on becoming a Virtual Assistant. The more I looked into it, the more being a VA fitted what I wanted to do, and the more often I was looking at Joanne’s website and reviewing her training.

My business journey started with Joanne’s course, The VA Handbook. Online and available to complete in my own time, at my own pace. This was perfect. I had a baby already and another on the way. I was in no rush to start a business but wanted to know I could get started when the time was right.

This course set me up, gave me the confidence to get it done, and as Jo says “put those big girl pants on!” and just do it.

In October 2016, the time was right I started Source Business Support.

Throughout that first year, I dipped in and out of Jo’s Facebook group. Celebrating at times, looking for support from others and supporting the other VA’s in their time of need, too.

Jo is a fantastic mentor to Virtual Assistants and even recently started a coaching group for more established Virtual Assistants to further their expertise. She is always looking to grow her business as well as that of her trainees.

Jo’s support is invaluable and she is an inspiration to other women wanting to start a business, but don’t know how or where to start.

Luan Wise – Chartered Marketer and LinkedIn expert

Want to know how to use social media for business? Luan is your woman!

Luan has written a book “Relax, it’s only social media!”, that completely breaks down why business owners should be present on social media, how to use it effectively and what to post. Guess what? You shouldn’t be posting about you! That was a surprise to me when I started to use social media for business.

And, to make it even easier, she now has a planner to help get your social media scheduled and relevant to your target market. Perfect!

In the first few months, it feels daunting and overwhelming to think about all those tasks that you could do on social media. Which channels? How often? What do I write? Are all questions, amongst lots of others, that often drown newbie business owners when faced with social media to build their business presence online. I was one of those! I’d even been guilty of avoiding it altogether in those early days.

With Luan’s online training courses, I built a background to Twitter and LinkedIn, taking advantage of Luan’s LinkedIn profile audit, to make sure my profile targeted the market I wanted to work with.

Through my connection with Luan, I’ve even indulged in an evening of modelling for treatments at Chapel Spa. The perks of being a VA!

Luan’s training has given me the confidence to use social media for my business, and also provide digital marketing services to my own clients. If you’re new to social media and want to get started, Luan’s courses are the place to go.

Carie Lyndene, The Success Coach

Carie is a fantastic business mentor and marketing consultant. She has been around from the early days of Source Business Support, giving support, online or in her networking group.

I feel as though Carie has guided me toward a confident mindset, which has turned my business around from a month-to-month rollercoaster to a place where I’m getting results, growing and establishing the business, each and every month.

Carie, thank you for being there, giving your guidance, support and feedback. You are fabulous!

Stanislava Williams, Brand Capture

Such a great woman. Aspirational and admirable. A wonderful mum with so much energy!

We met by chance, I am so pleased to have gotten to know Stanislava a lot more, even building business partnerships, these last few months.

The Source Business Support website will be undergoing changes in 2018 and will be filled with Stanislava’s photography. She fully understands branding in photography and ensures that her work reflects the marketing message you want to share with your target market. Getting your website on-brand is important to her and she wants to get to know your business, inside out, to get your images just right.

I look forward to working with you, Stanislava. I know it’s going to be a lot of fun and cannot wait to show off your images on my website.

Sarah Wilkinson, S Wilkinson Consulting

Oh, my! There is no better match for my business story than Sarah’s! The only difference seems to be our areas of expertise, Sarah’s being HR and mine is virtual business support.

We got to know one another through a Facebook business group. Attended several of the same networking events, but never said “hi!” or saw one another. Then, we finally did bump into each other and we really hit it off. Every time we talk we find another similarity. It’s actually quite freaky!

Sarah is another mum in business that started out when her second baby was just months old and had been made redundant from employment too. That’s only the start of the similarities!

I just love speaking to Sarah, hearing about her successes, the new clients she’s working with and what she’s getting up to in her business.

Being a self-employed mum, it can get lonely working from home without the company of a team to chat to. But, knowing that I can pop a message to Sarah, feels like I have the same support and friendship that I would have had being sat next to a colleague in an office.

If you’re a mum in business, get out there, even if it’s an online group. Build your connections, grow your network and make friends. The support is out there and it is so great, and fun too!

You’re a great friend, Sarah, and I look forward to (eventually!) getting more dates in our diaries to catch-up and talk business or mum stuff.

Laura Duggal, Life Coach

Supporting mums, in whatever it is they want to do, Laura has a Facebook group for mums, to help, support and motivate one another to achieve their goals.

Being a mum, whether working or stay-at-home, can bring a lot of emotions. There can be difficult days, then there are others where we want to celebrate with other mum’s doing the same as us. The Freedom Mums Facebook group is the place to do just that.

Laura’s group has given me focus to think about what I want outside of business, because that’s important, too. I’ve been motivated to take up the challenge of running a half marathon and have chosen a  word for 2018, which is “fun”. The idea being that I reflect that in my activities. And it works!

Being actively involved in the group has kept me moving forward toward achieving my personal goals and even celebrating the smallest achievements to stay positive. The way I think about what I’m doing, how much I’m taking on and how I use my time, are all changing, for the better.

I absolutely love your group, Laura, and I look forward to working with you in 2018.

If you have a businesswoman you’d like to give a shout out to, share in the comments. Let’s celebrate their successes and achievements.

Speak soon,

P.S. if you’d like to learn more about how Source Business Support can work with your business, book your call, click here.

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