Hey! Elaine here

here's a little about me and what i do

Hi, I'm Elaine, owner of Source Business Support.

As a natural helper, I enjoy supporting business owners through their day-to-day challenges.

For me, self-employment means flexibility, freedom and control for myself and my family. Working the hours to fit around family commitments. The ability to work from any location. Making business decisions that suit my family and clients.

Small business owners and consultants outsource time-consuming, but necessary, admin to me, allowing them to focus on running their business, which leads to growth. For me, being a Virtual Assistant is the perfect option to do what I do best – using my skills and knowledge to support others.

In 8 years I experienced redundancy, twice. Most recently, after returning to work from maternity leave. For many this may have been a worry, for me, it was an opportunity to go my own way. Having already researched becoming a virtual assistant, I had an idea for what my plan was should redundancy happen again. Sure enough, it did and my first business, Source Business Support, was born.

They say, if you need something done, ask a mum…

Starting a family is the best thing I have ever done. I am a Mother at heart and take great pride in my boys and watching their development. My husband, and two boys aged 2 and 10 months, are the most important things to me. My sons are already great friends. Seeing them play together, giggle with each other, makes my heart melt. It’s wonderful to see them so happy together.

If there were no need for me to work, I’d be enjoying the great outdoors with my family. I love to travel, especially to Asia. It would be great to go back and discover new places. At home, I have a long list of craft projects in progress. I would get them finished up and start new ones.

Learning from experiences is important to me. I strive to give my children opportunities to discover the world for themselves. I want them to be curious, get involved and be active; finding out how things work and seeing what happens when they do something.

Obtaining my BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology is my biggest achievement. It represents a personal journey of understanding that I can get more from life. By staying focused, committed and productive, I can achieve any goal I set.

In 5 years’ time I see my business thriving, with a small team of VA’s working for me to keep up with demand. My family will be living in a beautiful, rural Cotswold home and the boys doing well at school. Enjoying a holiday or two each year, a summer holiday and a Christmas city break. That would be perfect!

I strive for my business to be approachable, friendly, professional, reliable, trustworthy and honest; a service that provides value for money.

I work with small businesses, consultants, freelancers, contractors, directors, managers and specialists; in the technical industries, including industrial design, Engineering, manufacturing and ICT.

I would like people to say that my business is “the extra pair of hands needed to get things done”. Source Business Support has “made them available to focus on their business again”. They know that they “can rely on Source Business Support to manage their admin”.

They say that “Elaine is resourceful”. That I “suggest solutions they would not have thought of themselves”. “Has an ability to plan, organise and bring order to time-consuming processes”. “Suggests tools, software and online systems that reduce admin costs”. “Her technical knowledge and industry experience is key to understanding our challenges.”