Hey! Elaine here

here's a little about me and what i do

Hi, I'm Elaine, owner of Source Business Support.

As a professional, I made the change from employment to business owner 3 years ago. In my employed roles, I developed skills in Process Improvement and Project Management.

Now, I support business owners with their operational and project management by implementing and operating systems that will help them become more efficient, scale and grow their business.

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant, I worked with a variety of business owners. I noticed they all worked the same way as one another. Working on all the tasks created by their business. Everything! From admin, accounts, marketing, sales and even client delivery. Often working long days in the mindset that only they can complete a lot of that work.

With corporate and process improvement experience, I spotted that they were missing something. They didn't document how they work, and they didn't know where they were spending most of their time. Thinking about that, how can the way they work improve when what they do is all in their head? How can they delegate a task without step-by-step instructions from start to finish?

For business to grow, increasing resources and investment is the way forward. 

All too often, Virtual Assistants have to decipher the task as they go-along. Not knowing what the outcome should be. This can mean the business owner doesn't get the result they wanted. Not wanting a repeat experience, they choose not to delegate again. Holding onto those tasks themselves.

With my help, you can delegate with confidence. With increased resources, there's increased capacity for new clients. Together, we can improve how your business operates. Enabling you to be more productive, efficient and move you toward your goals sooner. By automating where possible, supercharging your tools and getting you ready to delegate.

Yes, you can do less and get more done!

Business has grown and my Digital Marketing skills have developed. Working behind-the-scenes for Digital Marketers has its advantages! Knowing their strategies, I can setup lead generation and follow-up systems for you. Getting you a consistent flow of leads and improved sales, every month. Also, I just happen to be a ‘dab hand’ at all things social media and my expertise spans most of the common platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others,

With a passion to help others work towards and achieve their goals. I have a technical mind and love for systems. As a quick learner, I get to know the latest apps, tech and tools to help your business run as a smooth operation. From start-up to established and getting it to where you imagined it to be.