Who are Source Business Support?

Source Business Support  know that being online is no longer enough. The brand has to be present and proactive in their action, and not just wait for customers to find them, usually by accident. Social media is a noisy place and businesses must put strategies in place to help them break through that noise and stand out against the competition.

Source Business Support started in 2017 and has become an established Social Media Management company that gets to know and stay up-to-date with the tools, tech and strategies to attract, engage and convert followers to leads.

Source Business Support helps UK businesses use their digital and social media channels to show up and serve their ideal customers no matter where they are in the buying journey and share  content with purpose. That is to drive sales.

What do Source Business Support do?

Source Business Support create Digital and Social Media Marketing strategies with you. Using your message, content and offers, Elaine and the team share them across your channels.

Using up-to-date strategies and best practices to attract new followers and build your audience, driving interaction and inviting them to start conversations with your brand, and then guiding them to take action your offers, free and paid, so they convert to leads.

About Source Business Support and laine Minett-Smith

Who is Elaine Minett-Smith?

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